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Your retina plays a crucial role in your everyday vision, sending signals to your brain so that you can see the world around you. However, several conditions can develop and put your vision at risk.

Our surgical center can help address these damaging retinal conditions, protecting your vision from worsening. Learn more about retina care and contact us to book an appointment.

The Importance of Your Retina

The many parts of the eye work together to help you see, and your retina is essential for your sight. The retina is the layer of cells lining the back of your eye, sensing light and sending signals to your brain so you can see. The millions of cells in the retina organize visual information before sending signals through your optic nerve

Damage to your retina can significantly affect your vision and eye health. Several conditions can affect your retina,  potentially impairing your vision. Some common retinal conditions include: 

When these conditions affect your retina, you may require surgery to help improve your vision. This surgical procedure is known as a vitrectomy.

What Is a Vitrectomy? 

A vitrectomy is a surgery used to treat conditions affecting the retina and vitreous, the substance that fills the middle of your eye. Depending on your vision needs, the goal of this procedure is to: 

  • Remove blood or other substances preventing light from focusing on the retina
  • Remove scar tissue that is wrinkling or tearing the retina
  • Repair a detached retina
  • Remove a foreign object stuck inside the eye due to injury

During surgery, your ophthalmologist inserts a light, cutting device, and an infusion tube into the eye through small incisions in the white of your eye (the sclera). Using the light as a guide, your ophthalmologist removes any scar tissue or cloudy areas of the vitreous. They replace the removed materials with a salt solution known as saline to help maintain the eye’s normal intraocular pressure and shape. After completing this surgery, your ophthalmologist may perform a scleral buckling to help seal the retina to the back of the eye. This procedure involves using silicone material to slightly alter the eye’s shape and then filling the eye with air, gas, or silicone oil to help seal the retina.

We Can Help Protect Your Vision

Your retina is vital for your everyday visual needs, and certain conditions can affect your sight. A vitrectomy can help protect and improve any damage to your vision. Speaking with your doctor can help determine your eligibility for this procedure. 

Contact us if you’re interested in retinal care or if you have any questions or concerns about this procedure.

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