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Don’t Push Through Your Pain

Our practice is not only committed to providing patients with effective ophthalmic care but also pain management. At the Interventional Pain Management Center, we provide comprehensive care to help you live more comfortably.

Patients receiving treatment at our facility have access to beneficial technologies designed for pain management. If you’re living your everyday life in pain, we can help. Visit our Interventional Pain Management Center.

What We Treat

We offer a wide variety of treatments for patients experiencing pain at our center. We can treat pain from headaches, fractures, and other ailments.

We treat the following conditions at our facility: 

We Can Help Relieve Your Pain

Our doctors have over 15 years of experience managing pain with common and sophisticated therapies, including injections and spinal stimulation. We’re here to help relieve your pain so you can feel like your old self. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Location

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  • 2060 Charlie Hall Blvd #301
  • Charleston, SC 29414

Contact Information

We are a proud partner of US Eye, a leading group of patient-centric, vertically integrated multi-specialty physician practices providing patients with care in ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, audiology, and cosmetic facial surgery.

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